Crosslinker/curing agent/Hardener for PE film coatingBLJ-SC100

Crosslinker/curing agent/Hardener for PE film coatingBLJ-SC100



Quick Details

  • Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent
  • Type: Crosslinker/curing agent/Hardener
  • Usage: Crosslinker/curing agent/Hardener
  • Brand Name: Baolijia
  • Model Number: BLJ-SC100

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details 1000kg/IBC drum
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks

Cross linker/Curing agent/Hardener for PE Film Coating BLJ-SC100

Product Description

Crosslinker BLJ-SC100 is a 100% active, polyfunction aziridineliquid crosslinker. Addition of 1-3% to water based acrylic emulsions or urethane dispersions produces a marked improvement in water, chemical, abrasion and humidity resistance and enhances adhesion to specific substrates. Crosslinker BLJ-SC100 is room temperature reactive and therefore can be used under air and forced drying conditions.



Type: polyfunctional aziridine crosslinker

No. Items Indexes
1 Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
2 Total solids (w/w%) >99%
3 Molecular Formula & Weight C24H41N3O6;467.67
4 CAS No. 64265-57-2
5 Viscosity 150-250cps @25℃
6 Density 1.08kg/L @20℃
7 Stability 12-18 months @20℃
8 Flash point >100℃
9 Freezing point <-15℃



In water based parquet lacquers to improve water, alcohol, detergent chemical and abrasion resistance

In water based industrial wood-, plastic-and metal coatings to increase water, alcohol and block resistance

In vinyl coatings to reduce plasticizer migration and improve stain resistance

In water based concrete sealers to improve abrasion resistance

Generally, to improve adhesion of water based systems to non-polar substrates

In solvent based polymers to increase resistance properties

In water based printing inks to improve water and detergent resistance

Formuiating guidelines:

Crosslinker BLJ-SC100 is a tri-functional material that crosslinks polymers with reactive carboxyl functionality

Typical addition levels of BLJ-SC100 necessary to fully Crosslink acrylic emulsions and urethane dispersions are 2% and 3% respectively

BLJ-SC100 should be added to lacquers, paints, or inks prior to use and due to its excellent water miscibility it can be stirred in by using a 1:1 premix of BLJ-SC100 and water.

In water borne formulations, BLJ-SC100 will slowly hydrolyse and blends should therefore be used within 3-5 days after preparation. The hydrolised products have no adverse effects on the emulsions nor on the dried films, and additional crosslinker may be added to restore reactivity

Solvent based systems modified by the addition of BLJ-SC100 must be used within 5 days because they tend to thicken and may be gel within 2 weeks


Care must be taken to avoid any contact with the skin and eyes. When used in spray applications particular care must be taken to avoid oral and/or nasal ingestion by wearing a suitable respirator when handing BLJ-SC100 it is desirable to prevent inhalation of vapours by proper ventilation or respirator use.


Packaging & Shipping

Available 5 Kgs plastic pails, and 25 kg steel drums with inner plastic pails. Store in a cool, dry, dark place. If stored under conditions of excessive heat for extended periods the material may discolour deteriorate and gel.


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