Styrene Acrylic Emulsion

Product Introduction:
BLJ-5628A is a kind of anionic styrene acrylic emulsion which co-polymerized by acrylates, styrene and special functional monomers, suitable for
elastomeric waterproof coatings, non-cementitous.

Features and applications:
1. APEO free, plasticizer free, low VOC.
2. Outstanding alkali resistance, excellent adhesion to metal and PVC
3. High pigments and fillers loading capacity.
4. Excellent elongation and tensile strength.
5. Perfect weather and aging resistance.
6. Used in elastomeric waterproof coatings, non-cementitous.

Item Index
Appearance Ivory liquid Lvory Liquid
Viscosity, mPa·S, 3#rotor,60r/min,25℃  200‐1,000
Solid content, wt%  50±1
PH 7‐9
Glass transition temperature, (Tg),℃  ‐30
Minimum film‐forming temperature (MFT), ℃ 0

Packing and storage:
Package: Packed in 200kg/plastic drum or 1,000kg/IBC tote.
Storage:  Please store it in ventilated and dry rooms, avoid direct sunlight. The suitable temperature of storage and transportation is 5℃ - 35℃.
The shelf life of the product is 6 months since it is packed.

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