Who are We?

Overland Industries was formed to consolidate the many raw materials interests of Chemical Industries which had commenced its business activities in 2009 as a specialized importer and globally sourced supplier of industrial and fine chemicals including:
• Pharmaceuticals
• R&D
• Coatings
• Food
• Construction

Construction products quickly became a separate and total focus breaking away from the original business model and continuing to grow, expanding to a highly successful national entity.

Sale of the construction products division allowed the focus of to revert to the original chemical products distribution model, giving rise to Overland Industries Company

Technical Capability

Overland Industries Company has R&D access and key scientific personnel to undertake collaborative, applied research projects. Products may be tailor-made and based on a specific customer requirement, industry need or perceived application.

Company Core Values

Creating brand with quality, promoting progress with innovation.

Our Commitment

Overland Industries Company has an ongoing commitment to excellence in market leadership, product quality and a proud record of service to industry. We offer a continuing partnership with our customers and the market segments that we serve.