Customized Synthesis

Overland Industries is committed to innovative, high quality custom PEGylation tailored to your individual requirements. Our PEGylation and modification services range from the development of customer-specific reagents to the conception and implementation of individual PEGylation. Laboratory facilities equipped to the latest technical standard enable us to provide the entire range of modern bioanalytics, bioanalytic and synthetic chemistry.

We would be happy to develop a PEGylation or chemical modification tailored to your drug. Take advantage of our know-how and our technical infrastructure for the optimization of your drug.

Technical Support

Overland Industries customers can rely on the significant expertise of its staff, their experience and training. Overland Industries maintains ongoing relationships with its suppliers around the world. This ensures that we can provide customers with up-to-date information on product know-how and also any development in market trends and technology.


R & D Support

Overland Industries works closely with local independent laboratories and chemical engineers to support client needs.  We are in constant contact with our global partners and their in-house R & D facilities. Wherever possible, product development and specific design adaptation is offered its customers.