Acrylic polymer/biner/adhesive/emulsion for one-pack waterproof coating BLJ-951


Quick Details

  • Type: Acrylic polymer

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details 1000kg/IBC drum
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks

Acrylic polymer/biner/adhesive/emulsion for one-pack waterproof coating BLJ-951

Product Description

The product is prepared by advanced polymerization process using special auxiliaries and functional monomers. It has excellent resistances to water and alkali, very good adhesion and good waterproof performance. It doesn’t contain APEO and formaldehyde.


Features and Application:

It can be used for preparation of flexible putty with high resistances to water and alkali and one-pack waterproof emulsion coating;

It can be used for wall waterproofing to prevent small cracking on the wall which affects the appearance of the decorative surfaces.


Typical Properties:


No. Items Indexes
1 Appearance Milky liquid
2 Viscosity, mPa•S 400-2000
3 Solid content, wt% 50±1
4 pH 7—9
5 Glass transition temperature (Tg)℃ -20
6 Minimum film-forming temperature 0
7 Ca2+ stability:5%CaCl2 : emulsion =1:5 Pass




Packaging & Shipping

The products are stored in 160kg plastic drums, 200 kg iron drums or 1000kg/IBC drum. The products should be stored in ventilated and dry rooms and avoid direct sunshine. The temperature for transportation and storage of the product is 5-35℃. The storage period is 6 months since the product is packed. Pay attention to anti-freezing.