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Aqueous acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive resin for PE protective film coatings BLJ-538

Shanghai Baolijia Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the  largest emulsion manufacturers in China, which has 4 production bases with 6 plants making the annual capacity reach to 750,000 metric tons.

Our major products range covers Styrene acrylic, Pure acrylic, Vinyl-Veova, Vinyl-Acrylic, Silicone acrylic, Fluorocarbon emulsions.

They are widely used in Architecture coatings, Waterproof coatings, Textile coatings, packaging coatings, etc.

Emulsion for Protective Film Coatings


BLJ-538 is an aqueous acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive produced by advanced technology. It has very high transparency and peel strength, excellent holding power and good ageing resistance, low sticky. It is applicable to PE protective film for aluminum alloy, stainless steel, color steel plates’ surface protection.


Typical properties:



No. Items Indexes
1 Appearance Ivory liquid
2 Viscosity, mPa.S 100-400
3 Solid content, wt% 46±1
4 PH 7.5-8.5
5 Glass Transition Temperature, TG/(°C) -36




If the product can’t be used up after opening, please tightly wrap the bag mouth to avoid surface film-forming. Don’t keep the product under sunshine and use the product with cationic auxiliaries.



Package: Packed in 1000kg/IBC drum.


Storage: Please store in ventilated and dry rooms, avoid direct sunlight. The suitable temperature of storage and transportation is 5℃ – 35℃.


The shelf life of the product is 6 months since it is packed.




Important Notice: The above data is the product’s typical characteristics rather than its specifications, thus this does not constitute a basis of our legal responsibility. The customers need to conduct tests according to their own specific needs so as to determine the most suitable formulation optimization. Besides the quality and relevant technology, we’ll not make other commitments on the products.






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